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The impact of citrus production. An approach from the soil system

Artemi Cerdà artemio.cerda@uv.es http://www.uv.es/~acerda Soil Erosion and Degradation Research Group (SEDER). Departament de Geografia. Universitat de València. Blasco Ibàñez, 28, 46010, Valencia, Spain Soil conservation and orchard production Soil conservation is the key to maintaining the food production, soil sustainability, and … Continue reading

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Can field wetlands trap eroding agricultural soil?

Dr Clare Deasy Senior Research Associate Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University Field wetlands are small constructed wetlands designed to trap eroded soil and associated pollutants from diffuse sources including field surface runoff and runoff from drains and ditches. Data from … Continue reading

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Images of soil erosion

Frans Kwaad, physical geographer Soil erosion is the removal of soil from cultivated land at a rate that is (much) higher than the rate that would occur under the natural vegetation at the considered site. Besides the loss of fertile … Continue reading

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River Jup basin after fire

Photo submitted by María Burguet, a PhD student at the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture at Córdoba (IAS-CSIC, Spain). His research interests include the sources of sediment, runoff and carbon in Andalusian olive grove at different scales and under different agricultural … Continue reading

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